Monday, March 31, 2008

Camp Quest - The Atheist Summer Camp for Kids

For my inaugural post, I'm promoting Camp Quest West. It's an atheist summer camp for kids. And it's awesome. If you have kids, you should send them. If your neighbor has kids, they should go too.

They have lots of kids applying (it's grown each year so far) but they also need staff: that is to say, camp counselors. Having been one at the inaugural Camp Quest in 2006, I can tell you
first hand that not only was it incredibly rewarding to be part of it, it was (believe it or not) FUN!

There are Camp Quests elsewhere in the country too. Not only does the camp let kids know that there are other kids like them out there and form relationships which will endure through their lives, it helps their parents network and inspires and reinforces the next generation of atheists. The only thing missing is you!

Check it out and even if you don't have kids, recommend it to other families.

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