Friday, November 21, 2008

Not All Atheist Billboards So Warmly Received

I applauded Americans defending their atheism here, but it's not always so successful. A billboard was removed in Rancho Cucamonga (east of Los Angeles) because it was deemed offensive.

One thing you can give to organized religion is it's organized - so when they decide to bombard a billboard company with complaint letters and phone calls, they bombard it. So, I suggest that we choose a billboard in one of our cities, you know the kind - "Repent for the end, etc. Romans 12:14" or something - and begin a phone and letter-writing campaign. As long as we're removing billboards out of deference to public taste, guess what - we're the public. If you have any nominations please feel free to comment below and we can begin the campaign right here on the blog.

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