Sunday, December 14, 2008

Check Out the New Vlogs I'm Linked To

Turns out when you're nominating for the "Females Who Can Best Market Atheism" category you're spoilt for choice, as the British say. I've argued before that if you're an atheist and you're surfing blogs looking for additional arguments, then you're wasting your time. Why? Because you are already an atheist, so why are you spending more time reading when you should be getting involved? And furthermore, any links you read - or forward to your theist friends - will go right down the memory hole. Adult theists hearing arguments almost never devert.

Which is why we should be using the same kinds of pre-rational marketing tricks that marketers (and priests and ministers imams and rabbis) have been using for years. Sleazy? It's sleazy if you're lying, and you're only lying when you're making an argument.

So, links to any of the following atheists on the right in my multimedia section are more likely to get through the immune system of your theist friends and relatives than even the most carefully honed slice of Dawkins rhetoric: please see Naomi, or AngryLittleGir1, or Gataagressiva, or Catcommunication, or Zomgritscriss, or dildemonique. For starters check out Frisbees and Flip-Flops (and if I was in charge that's who would get the award):

The discussion she posted with her mom is one of the more interesting and constructive conversations I've seen on this topic!

There are also aggregate posts with the same idea here and here. And of course let's not forget certified atheist heroine Ayaan Hirsi Ali just because she doesn't have a vlog channel (though she does have a blog).

You will notice so far that they're all women - only because I've only had women atheist vlogs recommended to me, and as a straight male I'm not up to the task of figuring out on my own who might do the same job on the male side. Feel free to send me your suggestions!

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