Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Pathos, Less Logos

To keep it short: if you think there's no real content to religion (which you probably do or you wouldn't be on here), then it shouldn't be a surprise that religious leaders get very good at talking. Of course; it's all they have.

The downside to this is that public opinion is only rarely swayed by reason, and it's the rare atheist that can out-talk a preacher.

Take-home: we're atheists, so we're already good enough at reason, at least as far as talking to the faithful goes. Let's work on improving our marketing, presentation and rhetorical skills. Here's an example right here on this blog - a new low, or fighting organized religion with its own (effective) moves?

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Dan said...

More pathos? Not without more ethos, too. That's how we got into the whole 'special way of knowing' mess. Emotional appeal without credibility. Quick and dirty, but emotionally satisfying answers. "A wizard did it."

Where do you get more ethos: Consistent, reliable, tested, falsifiable, logos.

There is no quick and dirty solution to the problem of quick and dirty solutions.