Monday, December 29, 2008

Sam Harris: Fourth Horseman, or Trojan Horseman?

Either way it works out for us. This is why Sam Harris is the slickest SOB of all of the Four Horsemen. This is brilliant.

See how he gets on a conservative talk show and gets the "all religion is bad" message under the Religious Right's door? He makes criticisms of Islam that will be cheered by red-blooded Americans, but seldom are these criticisms phrased in quite this way, because they're dangerously generalizable, which is of course exactly what Harris is up to. It's a rhetorical trojan horse if ever there was one. Imagine all the middle-aged guys in Middle America working in their home offices listening to this, nodding their heads, and then the thoughts that inevitably creep in later. Imagine the truck drivers who keep the U.S. running listening to this as it's rebroadcast on AM radio. Excellent. Bravo Sam - we should all take a lesson from him.

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