Thursday, January 1, 2009

Derren Brown: An Atheist Converting Atheists

Besides being the most amazing mentalist I've ever seen, Derren Brown also comes up with the best tricks. Seriously, the guy's like a real-life male Bene Gesserit. (You should check him out - same reason you should go see Penn & Teller and read Hitchens's articles at Vanity Fair - atheist solidarity!

This particular trick was riveting. Here's an atheist, converting other atheists into believers. (Don't get too worked up; it's Islam where apostasy is punishable by death, not atheism, and anyway it's to make a point.) If you want a better disproof of the validity of the "sense" of faith, I don't think you'll find it:

Here he is in the first part of an interview with Richard Dawkins.

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