Monday, January 5, 2009

Survey for Creationists

Hello, folks! This information is largely the same as what I posted in your forum. Feel free to comment directly below in response.

For my regular readers, I posted these questions to gather the sincere opinions of creationists/IDers/YEC/OEC/whatever people call themselves (yes, I was being a hypocrite relative to my post about how evolution has become too central to this debate, but I'm still interested in the outcome).


1) What is the best way to explain why Muslims are often ardent creationists?

2) Do you think evolution is taught in Iranian schools more, less, or the same as in American schools?

3) Which account do you think is closer to the truth, evolution or Muslim creationism? There are different species of Muslim creation too, so feel free to specify in your answer if it makes a difference.

4) You may or may not assign a moral value to accepting creation vs evolution. If you DO assign one, do you consider it "worse" to be an evolutionist than a Muslim creationist? Better? Equal?

5) If geologists used creationist theories in their petroleum explorations, do you expect that they would find more minerals (particularly oil), and/or find it more easily?

6) Geologists do not seem to be using creation theories in their mineral explorations (particularly oil). Why is this?

7) Thought experiment. Imagine the US militarily takes over every predominantly Muslim country. As part of the takeover, the occupation force appoints a secular evolutionist American to lead the new ex-Muslim territories. Islam is removed from the position of political authority it previously held and from the school system at all levels; evolution is now taught as the only account of our origins.

a) With respect to the quality of medical care in these countries, do you think it will increase, decrease, or stay the same?

b) Same question, but for the high tech industry in these countries.

c) Would your answer be different if it was a secular evolutionist ex-Muslim from one of the occupied countries?

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