Tuesday, February 3, 2009

American Atheists and the GOP

David Silverman at A.A. wrote an open letter to the new head of the GOP, asking for his party back. I couldn't have said it better. I realize that among American atheists, I'm probably in the minority as a fiscal conservative and (gasp!) one-time registered Republican (I'm Libertarian now). Out of optimism that John McCain would escape the clutches of the Religious Right, I even had a pro-McCain blog, until 90 seconds after the Palin pick, after which I started going to Obama calling parties. Silverman similarly felt himself forced to vote for Obama, comparing an atheist who votes for modern GOP positions to be like an African-American voting for segregation.

The GOP already knows it has an atheist problem. And even if the word "conservative" gives you the willies, wouldn't you at least prefer to be debating with conservatives about facts and figures, as opposed to what Leviticus says? I can't imagine that a Democrat (or Libertarian or Green) would argue that it would hurt the U.S. to have one more secular political party, especially if it's the GOP.

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