Monday, February 16, 2009

The American God

Have to give a shout out to my new favorite Youtube user pangeaprogress, clearly by his/her selection of videos, a Hitchens fan. In one of the Hitchens vids PP suggests an excellent thought experiment. He asks us to imagine the words of some of the more incredibly U.S.-centric televangelists being spouted in a sermon in (pick your favorite time and place of abject misery in the world - medieval Europe, most of modern Africa). Think of how utterly silly, mismatched, provincial and irrelevant these words would seem. For someone who thinks these are really the words of the all-powerful master of the universe, why does the message change so much from place to place? This little thought experiment might be an added dissonance induction tool.

In a similar vein, years ago there was a Jewish comedian who told a story about a redneck exhorting him to start worshipping the American God.


Anonymous said...

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vjack said...

The American god likes to be worshiped by hordes of drunken rednecks chanting "USA, USA" at professional wrestling matches.

Michael Caton said...

Sure am - I'll try to make it, and post it on here.