Monday, February 9, 2009

Darwinism is the Root of Terrorism, Islam is the Antidote

That's really the title of an article in the Tehran Times online by - who else - Muslim creationist Harun Yahya. This is the same guy who sent out color copies of a creationist "textbook" on his own dime, and then had banned in Turkey. Yahya is like Muslim Kent Hovind, with a better tailor.

One can't help but wonder what Ben Stein will say about this. Stein argues that Darwinism caused the Holocaust, and that the only reason for Darwinism's success is a vast conspiracy. Now we have the diffusion of anti-Darwinian propaganda in the press organ of a one-party theocracy whose leader, Ahmedinejad, is an enthusiastic anti-Semite and Holocaust denier. First, getting dumped by UVM, then getting dismissed as incompetent in his field of training (economics), and now this - not a good time for Ben these day.

American conservatives - you want Muslims exporting dangerous ideas into America and the West? Here it is.

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