Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm Saddened by the Plane Crash in Buffalo

Unfortunately, I'm also waiting for offensive bleating from professional harpy Anne Coulter, to make life even worse for the surviving family members.

For all the people who thought Sully Sullenberger's landing was a miracle: why does God like Sullenberger and his passengers better than He liked these people? Might a better explanation not be that Mohammed is the only true prophet, and this is clear evidence of Allah's divine wrath on an infidel woman (the activist 9/11 widow who perished in the crash) who clearly defied Allah's will? After all, the Qu'ran is quite clear that infidels should be killed, so God's acts in this regard are beyond question.

Yes, those are offensive things to say and believe, and I'm glad at least some of us don't believe in them.

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