Tuesday, March 17, 2009

And On the Eighth Day, He Stole Intellectual Property

I wrote before about the similarities between creationism supports and other conspiracy-theory maniacs (like the moon landing hoax crowd). It's a claim made explicitly by Kent Hovind and in Ben Stein's Expelled, which is explicitly about the Darwinian conspiracy to suppress truth - a conspiracy that scientists, doctors, major Wall Street investors, most Western and East Asian governments, and one to two billion of their citizens are all in on it - shhhh! Don't blow it! Of course, is it still a conspiracy when the majority of people are in it, and the conspiracy's members are constantly and openly recruiting? I should go stand on a street corner and recruit for the Bilderburgers and see how that goes!

I think it's high time we started calling the creationists conspiracy theorists. They themselves clamor that this is what their movement is. It's also time to start pointing out the pattern they fall into along with the Chemtrails mob, the vaccines-cause-autism-mob, the Elders-of-Zion mob - the whole lot of them.

I haven't read ERV before, but today I saw that her posts provide a great history to date of the Expelled production team's theft of copyrighted animation material, and correspondence related to the ongoing proceedings. And in the behavior of the Expelled producers, the ugly conspiracy-theorist pattern of not quite being able to constrain oneself to the right side of the law, and of compulsive track-covering, is on full display. They're either doing it because they have no concept of intellectual property and are in general floundering in the sea of modernity, or they're actively immoral and covering their tracks. It's a fun game to figure out which it is - a game that will be played in an American courtroom. Either way, the pattern of behavior is there.

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