Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Creationist Shenanigans on the Texas School Board

Chair of the Texas State Board of Education Don McElroy has endorsed an explicitly religious screed which excoriates the National Academy of Sciences for - gasp - advocating evolution. It should be pointed out that McElroy's nomination to this position by Governor Rick Perry is coming up for a confirmatory vote. Live in Texas? Have friends and relatives in Texas? Sound the alarm!

It's very curious that the state with NASA Mission Control, the tech center of Austin, a biotech industry and some of the best medical centers in the country seems dead-set on squandering all that and wrecking its future economy by teaching witchcraft. In particular, I wonder how self-described conservatives feel about relinquishing America's technical edge to Japan, Korea and China?

It is very much worth emphasizing that I got this link from Andrew Sullivan's blog. Andrew Sullivan is a political blogger who happens to be a devout Catholic, but understands the benefit of separating church and state. While as atheists we think his beliefs are wrong, it's important to separate philosophical goals from political ones, and atheism is really a political problem. Consequently I'm happy Sullivan (and Ken Miller, and many others) side with us on these issues.

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