Sunday, March 15, 2009

Harun Yahya and the Civil War of Woo

Harun Yahya posts his most recent attack on science and reason - he discusses a "Darwinist dictatorship" (yes, really - they must be the ones keeping him from hiring a decent copy editor for his colorful book). The guy even mentions freemasonry. How quaintly nineteenth century! Why nothing about the moon landing being faked? I also looked to see if there's a secret message about the Templars spelled down the side, but so far nothing.

What I love is that he's instigating a Civil War of Woo. If you're a Mormon or evangelical creationist in the United States, what position can you take here? You either say creationism is right, and side with a devout Muslim creationist. Or, you side with his enemy - the pro-Darwin Church of Rome. Nice! By "nice" I mean TOTALLY NICE!

What I don't love is the part of the world where Yahya is publishing his nonsense. If you've never heard of Triumph Publications before, that's probably because they're based in Nigeria. There is method to Yahya's madness. Nigeria has the misfortune of laying astride the border between post-colonial fundamentalist African Christianity, and encroaching super-Saharan fundamentalist Islam. Consequently it's a prime candidate for first major flashpoint in the battle between Islam and global Southern Christianity that Philip Jenkins identifies in The Next Christendom. This is likely the reason Yahya is writing to a Nigerian publication, in a part of the world where the educational system might not have been able so far to instill the best critical thinking skills into the local citizenry. Nigeria is also not the most digital country there is, so we can safely assume this one online article is the tip of an iceberg of pamphlets and even cheaper tricks flooding the cities there.

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