Monday, March 16, 2009

I Repeat: The Open Society Has Enemies

In this article, you can read about the following (and other) nightmare scenarios: a girl reports her (priest) father for abuse. The social worker she reports it to doesn't believe her, and informs her father. After she gets beaten badly by her father the girl goes back to the social worker, who tells her "It’s not right to betray your community." The time is past to have a mush-headed understanding of the basis of tolerance. This woman converted to another faith, which is really just converting from Batmanism to Supermanism - but in secular, civilized governments, people have the right to do so, and if Batmanists are serially abusing women, cultural sensitivity is not the answer.


vjack said...

Absolutely. Open society does have enemies, and the ones we tend to miss until it is too late are those that come from within. This is one of the reasons I write far more about Christian extremism than Muslim extremism.

Dan said...

Batmanists are way more subtle than this lot. I think you've got your conversions reversed.

Besides, Batmanists don't have to rely upon brute force. They just use the Bat-anti-conversion spray and you wear the red, green, and yellow tights willingly.

Michael Caton said...

Vjack: Your point is well-taken, and on a daily basis I do worry more about Christians wanting to use their influence on my own (American) government, since I can do more about it here. My point in posting the occasional nightmare story or hypocrisy is to counteract the damage that religious right rhetoric has done in the U.S. For 8 years during the Bush administration, many atheists and secular-government supporters cringed every time we heard a Bushie talk about how bad Islam is, because the subtext (or supertext in some cases) was always "and therefore, we should convert them to Christianity". So these stories are useful to get rid of that cringe response so we can talk more clearly about the impact of religion in general.