Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm Going Over To Youtube Tomorrow

(Update: Randi himself graciously clarified that the suspension was due to an inadvertent copyright violation, not due to a conspiracy of woo. So I didn't go over to Youtube - but the world can see just how vocal and connected we rationalists have become).

Physically. As a disappointed user, with your comments or complaints about the James Randi Educational Foundation suspension printed out in a neat folder. Leave your comments below, and I will deliver them after noon Pacific time on Wednesday 1 April (and that's no joke). Include comments about the issues with Rational Response and Pat Condell's and Thunderf00t's videos too. I plan to emphasize that Youtube's user experience is deteriorating (that's what they care about) because they let special interests control access to content with the equivalent of organized letter-writing campaigns. Maybe a physical visit will do more than letters and emails.


Anonymous said...

My recent book, "The Myth of Nazareth: The Invented Town of Jesus" was the subject of James Randi's recent YouTube video "Questioning the bible." This video was pulling in about 1,000 viewing a day until the JREF's videos were inexplicably banned yesterday (3/29/08). I don't know if the Nazareth issue contributed to the ban, but I am aware of the wave of votebotting in the last 24 hours. This is a challenge to free speech, and much critical information is being subject to censorship.

The suspension of the James Randi Educational Foundation is mindboggling. In a nation that values free speech, we desperately need objective and candid voices such as that of Randi. I am prepared to actively campaign for alternatives to YouTube, and to encourage my freethinking friends and colleagues in and out of the scholarly world to do so. Please reinstate JREF soon. If there is a good reason for YouTube's action, let us know. Otherwise, your action is incomprehensible and inconsistent with free discourse.

Rene J. Salm

Dan said...

Maybe you can scare them with your beard?

Pretend you are a bear.