Thursday, March 12, 2009

Life Is Good On This Side - So Let's Not Scare People Away

I keep seeing references to atheists encountering one-on-one discrimination. Not to diminish the fact that right here in America there are places where atheists do encounter such discrimination, there are also plenty of places where they don't. There must be, because I can honestly say that I know of, I never have. I have mentioned my atheism in passing to coworkers, including two bosses, to my friends, casual acquaintances, you name it, and never suffered a problem.

The reason I mention this: on-the-fence people may not come over fully to atheism if they think they're going to have a hard time because of it. I'm always cautious about making too big a deal of what atheists go through for this reason. So instead of horror stories, let's hear accounts of how the revelation of your atheism turned out to be a much smaller deal than you thought it would be.

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