Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another Transition Fossil - Get Ready for the Excuse Mill

PZ Myers writes about the new otter-to-seal transition fossil found in the Canadian Arctic. This is yet another nifty river-to-sea transition to add to the pile, along with the land-dwelling whale-ancestor pakicetus.

Of course like PZ I can't resist rubbing my hands together with glee, waiting for the crazy excuses from crationists of what this fossil means (though disappointingly, I expect ear-splitting silence). But I'll tell you what - if tomorrow I woke up and had somehow become a creationist, I would start submitting plans for fossil-digging expeditions to whatever creationist institutions I could find. Why? When there are two competing theories, two genuine honest theories with supporters of each thinking that each is actually the best explanation, those supporters get out there and gather data like nobody's business. In paleontology, that means digging in the ground.

So where are all the creationist fossil expeditions? Particularly in the U.S. - since so many Americans support creationism (which I don't doubt) why aren't there any? Afraid of what they'll find? Or no need to look for evidence when you can learn it all from a book (in which case, why look for evidence for anything?) Serious question for creationists, next time you're talking to them.

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