Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Atheist Political Issues

I keep talking about how atheism is really a political more than a philosophical question, so it's about time I compile a list of the issues that motivate most atheists. Am I missing any? Are there any on that you don't think should be there?

- Separation of church and state (the rest of these largely fall out of this one)

- Prayer in schools

- Creationism in schools

- Censorship

- Herbal and religious medical quackery

- Stem cell research

- Abuse of women and children (sexual, medical, brainwashing)

- Euthanasia

- Equal rights for LGBT (including marriage)

- Animal research

- Drug legalization

- Abortion

- Birth control

- Sex education

- Special treatment for religious organizations (taxation and transparency of ministries)


vjack said...

I might add something about promoting or protecting reality-based education.

Dan said...

- Prayer in government meetings

- "IN GOD WE TRUST" on our money

- Better science education in schools (It's really the bigger issue surrounding ID and Creationism.)

- Accountability and Transparency

- State Constitutions that forbid nonbelievers from holding office

- The influence of religion in the military

The thing is, many of these are not 'atheist issues.' They're human issues that got glommed down by a lack of critical thinking.

Tor Hershman said...

A wee Atheist video