Tuesday, April 14, 2009

La Santa Muerte

I ran across this fascinating article about a new cult in Mexican Catholicism. I've written before about henotheism, and specifically to my argument against Dawkins' comment that Hinduism is monotheism in disguise. Specifically, monotheism is really just polytheism but with God (or Allah or Yahweh or whoever) the unchallengeable chief of the pantheon, and the only one with a cult. Within Christianity, Catholicism seems to chip away even at the last part of that definition since there are little cults and orders all over the place, especially in Mexico - in this case, Saint Death.

Even more interesting, I got the link from the horrendous Post Darwinist blog, written by a confused Canadian who seems to think that philosophical materialism stopped being taken seriously decades ago (but who strangely goes on to spend lots of time debunking it). In this entry she calls the cult of Saint Death an entry in the "okay, okay, some religions ARE just plain bad file". Aw, that's so cute! I never ceased to be amazed how religious people are always ready to NOT take religion seriously (including their own) when doing so would be socially awkward; i.e., to her, abandoning a bunch of misguided and poorly educated people to hell for a laugh on her blog.

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