Monday, April 13, 2009

Scariest Radio Rant I've Heard Yet

Last night I was driving back from Sacramento to Oakland and was staying awake by listening to a local Christian station (KCBC 770 AM) when I ran across this guy: Richard Berlanga.

Although the reception was scratchy, here's what I could make out: that the End Times are upon us (half Oil Crash, half Revelations), that in the end of civilization we'll have to make some unpleasant decisions, and that you should get ready to kill your neighbors to defend your family. I think he said to do it with a sword, but I might have misheard this part. Whether or not the sword was just static, I'm certain that I understood the part about neighbor-killing, which is about when I sat up and took notice.

Not surprisingly, the station eventually broke in to his broadcast with some excuse that he was "out of time", ended the freak show, and switched to other programming. Now I like a barely coherent out-of-control rant as much as the next person, but when someone on your air is openly exhorting people to violence, the only responsible thing to do is cut him off, and that's what they did.

I'm glad they made this decision, but why would they? After all, throughout Deuteronomy there are exhortations to exterminate Canaanite neighbors, so why the problem with violence against infidel neighbors here? The reason the management of the station did the right thing is because they're good people who do not really take their morality from the Bible. There's no commandment about not shouting fire in a crowded theater, which is what Berlanga was doing, and yet they recognized that letting him continue his rant would be reprehensible.

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