Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This is the Awesomest Afterlife Ever

Even better than the Flying Spaghetti Monster's beer volcano. Really! If the author of the piece is to be taken at face value, people really believed in it for centuries too. The writer of the article asks why this one is any sillier than 72 virgins or playing a harp in the stratosphere.


Dan said...

My youngest wanted to know if the pterodactyls were in heaven with dead people. My wife said, "Yeah, sure."

If this kid starts a religion, I'm in. Riding pterodactyls around sounds a hell of a lot better than harps, clouds, and servitude to a dude with a beard. It also sounds better than hucking gonads at a tree, but only marginally so.

Michael Caton said...

What about you're riding a pterodactyl AND you have a gonad slingshot (which not only shoots at gonads, but uses them as ammunition?) That would be eight kinds of cool.

Dan said...

I'm going to blow your mind here: What if you fucked a pterodactyl in life? You'd have a bag of pterodactyl ding-dongs!