Monday, May 11, 2009

I Have Let You Down!

My fellow atheists, I come before you in contrition. Saturday night there were fireworks here, which led to pre-fireworks tailgating with my friend Anup, which led to the consumption of wine, which led to a lowering of my inhibitions and a junk food orgy. So I am imperfect! Shocking, I know.

Because this is an atheist blog and not a diet blog I'm going to refrain from giving you the gory details of the hohos and fruit pies I consumed - (if you want the gory details, feel free to ask). The point is, stay away from Anup when any act of willpower is involved. No, the point is that I've still found promising my community that I'm going to accomplish a certain goal has been very effective in helping me accomplish that goal, and there's nothing supernatural about it.


Dan said...

There may, however, be something supernatural about the Van Dyke you're sporting.

Michael Caton said...

Them's fightin' words? Van Dyke? Where?

Dan said...

Sir, the phone call is coming from inside your house!