Monday, May 4, 2009

Which Deadly Sin Does *Your* State Excel In

Check out a hilarious map of the occurrence of the Seven Deadly Sins in the US, using real crime and other demographic data, courtesy Kansas State U. The article writer at the Vegas Sun refers to it as "a precision party trick — rigorous mapping of ridiculous data."

What's interesting is the indirect data that the map-makers chose, or were forced to choose, to make their map. For example, how do you get data on lust? In their case, they used STD rates. Does that really correlate with lust? (Singles, this may diminish your urge to buy a plane ticket straight to the middle of one of those red zones). That they had to choose such indirect measures raises other interesting questions - if we don't bother to measure all the Sins directly (like lust), can they really be that much of a problem?


vjack said...

My first thought in reading this: Is stupidity a sin?

Michael Caton said...

Even if it is, if you're somewhere besides California, we've got you beat. :)