Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Congratulations Osel!

We need you. Welcome! For English-speakers: his story here.

(Added later: in Osel's Wikipedia article it says he was at Burning Man 2007. Maybe that's what did it. I'm only half-joking. The only time I've ever experienced culture shock was driving from Burning Man after it ended to the Sacramento airport. Without trying to sound all Jimi Hendrix, the geographical distance was mcuh smaller than the experiential distance.)


Joshua said...

The article doesn't say what his current belief system is. One should also give Osel a lot of credit in that this is a system where if he had gone through with it he would have all sorts of power and influence and he turned that down.

Michael Caton said...

As I recall he seemed agnostic?

Either way, someone willing to step away from a social group and take his chances on his own is someone very honest. Hats off, big yellow ones or otherwise.