Monday, June 15, 2009

Too Eager to Believe? A Pro-Life Blogger and Her Followers

Beccah Beushausen is a Chicago-area blogger who told readers she was pregnant with a terminally ill baby that she was still going to have. She became a rallying point for the (mostly conservative Christian) anti-abortion movement. And she was lying.

For us atheists, the temptation is there to jump on this and say "just one more example of lying for Jesus". But in the articles about her that I've read so far, Beushausen just seems to be suffering from a need for attention that overpowered her moral sense, rather than someone who lied in the service of an ideology - and she happened to find an audience that was eager for her story.

I'm not a big fan of Christian family-planning clinics (which really are places to stop pregnant single women from considering abortions). But most of Beushausen's previous supporters seem to be doing the right thing and dissociating themselves from her (and returning any money that she brought in), except for a few.

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