Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This whole de-baptism thing seems to be gaining ground. Hey, if it's important to you, you're looking forward to it, that's fine. Have a good time with it.

But I would also exhort you as a newly-minted atheist to do the following, with our without the de-baptism:

Sign up for a marathon or hang-gliding.

Visit that city or national park you've somehow always read about, but never been to.

Go out for a drink! Or four. Take friends. All of them. Make new ones.

Ask that hot guy/girl you've been hesitating to ask for a date (or, take your husband/wife out for the romantic date of their lives).

Write a book. Plan out your skydiving certification schedule. Send out a resume for that long-shot job you really want. Put it in the calendar. Do it.

And if somebody notices the change - "Say, you got out of the right side of the bed today" - tell them it's because you're an atheist - a skeptic - a rationalist - a free human being.

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