Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Orientation Week at Med School

So I'm on Day 3 of my orientation at UCSD School of Medicine (hence the silence); here are a few interesting observations.

- Repeating an observation I've made before: nowhere in the curriculum that I have seen outlined is there anything about prayer. I would expect this to be the case at most other med schools in the U.S. Why would this be? Either a) medical educators are evil and are intentionally neglecting a valuable treatment modality, or b) medical education in the U.S. is just bad, or c) prayer is useless, and we're focusing on actually treating people.

- Very little mention of religion so far, although this morning we had food provided by the Christian Medical Fellowship. No coffee though! It's crossed my mind to establish a competing organization, but one thing at a time.

- Doing a little demographic exercise, we were asked to stand up if we were (younger than 25, older than 25, married, born outside the U.S., etc.) The speaker asked those who regularly attend weekly religious services to stand. I would estimate less than a fourth. Regular churchgoers: are you comfortable going to doctors like these?

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