Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ray Comfort Coming to UC San Diego, NOT U of San Diego

Added 12 November 2009: I've been trying to get good information about where, exactly, Ray Comfort or his organization will be appearing on the 19th. A Google search as of 12 November for "Ray Comfort" USD "San Diego" returned this blog post as the top entry, which is scary because my information is third-hand. This is why you should believe what the NCSE is saying, which is that Ray Comfort's organization will be on the public, La Jolla UCSD campus on 19 November, NOT at private, Catholic above Tecolote Canyon USD. More suggestions here.

(original post below)

Yes! Ray Comfort! Banana-man himself!

He's going to be handing out copies of his hilarious yet comical annotated version of Origin of the Species. (Note to Ray: do you know how many people, even atheists, have actually read that book? For my part, I skimmed it in high school.)

I'd hate to think he'd be lonely or bored while he's here. After all, as a relative newcomer to San Diego myself, perhaps I can bond with him. Maybe we can go out for a beer, or whatever he's allowed to drink.

If you're in San Diego and you want to help greet Mr. Comfort, drop me a line or leave a comment. If you believe in evolution and you're religious, you're still more than welcome. I mean it! This is a guy who wants to stultify American education.

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