Friday, October 30, 2009

The History of Creationism

The following is taken from P-Zed's summary of Ron Numbers's history of creationism in the U.S. (a must-read).

The mainstreaming of literalist creationism occurred in the 1960s, when John Whitcomb and Henry Morris wrote The Genesis Flood. It's basically the same nonsense he Seventh Day Adventists were peddling, but Whitcomb and Morris were not SDAs, making it possible for conservative Christians, who regarded Seventh Day Adventism as a freaky cult, to coalesce in the formation of the Creation Research Society. These people had no ambition to convert the research community, but instead wanted to wean bible-believers away from what they considered the compromises of day-age and gap theory.

One kind of theist is often eager to reject the claims of other theists. This is perhaps why Mitt Romney is not the President of the United States right now (for example). Exploit this. Remind them that it was only the Seventh Day Adventists who supported Young Earth Creationism until the 60s. Are they Seventh Day Adventists? Why are they following SDA doctrine?

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