Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Entertaining Analysis of Kirk Cameron and Charles Darwin

Courtesy the Howard Stern Show, and therefore a) hilarious but b) not safe for work. Nice to see a major media figure ridiculing Cameron and Comfort.

Stern: "...Imagine this kid's so f*cked up he's still fighting the good fight that Darwin's theories are wrong."

Co-host Robin Quivers: "And what does he pit against, you know, his great intellect is against Darwin's."

Stern: "Yeah, I mean, because let's see, Darwin, brilliant philosopher, thinker, scientist, versus Kirk Cameron who was on Growing Pains, who worked with Alan Thicke...Yeah I think I'm gonna go argue the theory of relativity with Einstein right after I get off the air...You know what, who needs a vaccine when you have God?"

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