Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Atheist Billboard Up in San Diego

Did you find this because you're looking for information about the I-8 billboard? It was put up by the San Diego Coalition of Reason - visit them for full information. And welcome! Don't be shy about getting in contact with people you find through online resources. There are a lot of us around - we just need to find each other and be heard!

San Diego has gotten in on the national trend, and we now have our own billboard, thanks to the Coalition of Reason and coordinator Debbie Skomer. The message: "Don't Believe in God? You are not alone." There was a photo op this morning that by all reports had an excellent turn-out - unfortunately, dammit, I couldn't attend, so I drove by it late last night to check it out. Looks great! Facing east on I-8 so the westbound drivers can see it, it's sure to catch the eye of many a closet atheist from more-conservative East County on Sunday morning on the way to church, or Monday on the way to work. Excellent!

The press coverage has been fantastic too (don't believe me? check out CNN, with secular starlet Ms. Skomer) so my little plug here is totally unnecessary, but I just wanted to say it's great to see. We should expect the usual non sequiturs from theists defending their short circuits, and there are plenty to be had in the press coverage. In fact, it's worth pointing out one such statement that shows these billboards do exactly what we want them to. "It's not unreasonable to believe in God," one woman says defensively, "and it's a myth that people who do are guided by blind faith. There are many good reasons to believe." When was the last time you heard a theist who felt compelled to explain herself? That's half the battle - when they're explaining, you're winning - especially when the beliefs they're explaining invariably seem much sillier in the full light of day.


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ben said...

No TPG, I am not. I just thought readers might be interested in the statistics found about this billboard.

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