Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ray Comfort Book Giveaway *Today* - and Tomorrow?

As you probably already saw from PZ Myers and elsewhere, Ray Comfort went a day early. (You have to keep these kinds of possibilities in mind when dealing with this type of person.)

HOWEVER - the giveaway at UCSD was smaller than we would have anticipated. The president of the campus Rational Thought group thinks that today was a test run, and they're hoping that we give up and stay home tomorrow when they're out in force, giving away many, many more books than they gave away today. So if you had activities planned for tomorrow, DO THEM! We've not heard the last from the likes of comfort!

This is kind of fun.

Addendum: as you can see in the comments the Comfortbots have been organized into a mass of snarky-comment leaving drones for the day, when even my humble blog gets attention within minutes. Be on the lookout for these folks in a comment section near you and call them out on it - particularly the comment sections of local or campus newspaper websites.


Anonymous said...

What do you mean "this type of person"? Sounds to me like he looked around and said "hmm, a lot of people are planning to resist our book handout, and all I want to do is just get the book into the hands of students. I think I'll avoid the rush and go a day early."

Sounds like he was using some wisdom to me, to keep from wasting alot of money by avoiding the protestors.

Michael Caton said...

By "this type of person" I mean "someone who is delusional and immorally persists in trying to force his delusion on the rest of us, and goes to great lengths to do so".

It's interesting that someone would nitpick a not-even-that-bad comment about Msr. Comfort on this particular day, almost as if there are people organized by the Comfort Crew to go on blogs the day of the hand-out and respond to posts and comments about him. The Church of Scientology does exactly the same thing - have you talked with them about a merger?

James said...

There must be a lot more books. I can't believe that they only had one box. I have spoken with the preacher that held the sign before, and he is a personal friend of Comfort with ties to Long Beach. If anybody would get short changed on the book handout, it's not this guy

TGP said...

"Resist" the book handout?
More like "rebut."

Responding to free speech with more free speech is appropriate.