Thursday, November 19, 2009

UCSD Support Science Event a Success

We had loads of fun handing out "support science" Darwin fish stickers at UCSD's Library Walk today, talked to a lot of students, got a bunch of people to sign up for our Rational Thought group on campus, and generally enjoyed ourselves. People were extremely enthustiastic to support science. One funny thing: many people asked "are you with those guys who were giving away Darwin books yesterday?" Apparently people thought they were just free copies of Origin! The attached foreword isn't quite the insidious time bomb that Ray Comfort thinks it is, because everyone told us "yuck, I didn't know that was in there! I'll have a laugh reading it when I get home." People were taking them because they wanted a real copy of Darwin!

And for all I hear about the difficulty of atheists "coming out", no one stoned us, no one yelled or hissed at us - lots of people were quite happy to see us out representing. Of course there was one guy with a big picket sign that said SATAN'S CHILDREN and some other tasty quotes, but he's apparently there all the time. People joking told us they wished we'd give our stickers to him. "We tried!" I said, "He wouldn't take them!"

All in all, a smashing success. Thanks to Ray Comfort for bringing the scientific and rational thought communities together once again.


Fake Plants said...

Hi there! I saw you comment on pharyngula, so I followed the link to your blog. I'm a UCSD undergrad, and I had no idea that we had a Rational Though (or any other similar organization) group on campus. I would love to join, if you could send me the information. Thanks!

Michael Caton said...

Awesome - to link up with Rational Thought @ UCSD, go to this Google Group and subscribe. I believe our next get together is coming up Monday the 14th, but it'll be announced on the list. See you there!