Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wanted: Online Support Communities For On-the-Fence Theists

There are millions of people out there, right now, who are on the verge of Enlightenment. That is, they're losing their faith.

People struggling with their beliefs are concerned that they're alone, that they will lose their support network, and that they'll be bad people if they reject their faith entirely. Unfortunately there's not a lot of middle ground on the internet. Imagine a mom in Alabama who's started to realize that maybe, just maybe, everything she was brought up to believe is harmful - but when that mom clicks onto a blog with the word "atheist" where arguments about fossils and the Big Bang are taking place, she runs for the hills.

So what I'm looking for are online communities for the most expansive and politically amibitious religions in the U.S. They don't even have to be explicitly aimed at deversion (ideally the word "atheist" won't even appear). That way, when a (Catholic, Baptist, Mormon, Pentecostal, Scientologist, Sunni) begins to have doubts, a) they can see they're not the only one with these feelings and b) they can get some moral support.

Leave your suggestions in the comments. Your help is appreciated!


teddyrodo said...

Mike -
I especially like & recommend


Michael Caton said...

Thanks T., I'll check it out.