Monday, December 21, 2009

Jenny McCarthy's Son's Has a Mitochondrial Autism

This is worth pointing out. For those of us not biologically or medically inclined, here's the quick version: mitochondria are "organelles", kind of sub-cells in our own cells that are responsible for producing energy. They actually have their own DNA molecules (tiny ones) with a few genes on them. Sometimes, they break, and as you might guess, that's bad. Mitochondrial disorders are rare but they tend to affect the muscles and central nervous system.

The form of autisum that Jenny McCarthy's son has is a mitochondrial form. Why is this relevant? McCarthy's crusade is that her son developed autism as a result of immunizations. Mitochondrial deterioration happens starting prior to birth, and is the result of a genetic problem with the mitochondria. Not to make light of mitochondrial disorders - I've seen multiple patients with them, and they're severe - but apparently immunizations are so bad for you that their effects can go back in time.

McCarthy apparently realizes how ridiculous this is, which is why, for someone who remains in the news for talking about her son's autism, she remains remarkably quiet about the nature of his disease.

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