Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The List of Creationism-in-Schools Presidential Candidates

1) Sarah Palin
2) Tim Pawlenty

As a service to the atheist community (because I'm so nice) I'm starting a list of any presidential candidate who declares that creationism should be taught in schools or refuses to clearly answer a question on his or her position. I will re-post as I get more information. If you have more, please send it, with your source.

To be clear, the creationism-in-schools questions, while important, is more of a litmus test. If a candidate wants to stultify your children to satisfy Christian jihadis, they're guaranteed to have lots of other strange and inappropriate ideas they'd like to force on you and your family once they get into office.

A good question for these folks and their supporter is how they feel about Islamic creationism. Forget the Flying Spaghetti Monster. You want to get'em where they live, demand that they teach Islamic creationism in schools along with Christian.

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