Monday, January 18, 2010

Hitchens on Haiti

Money quote:

It was widely asserted in earlier times that earthquakes were caused by sodomy, yet San Francisco still stands, and when it was last hit in 1906, it was rather more heterosexual than it is now. Hurricane Katrina inundated much of New Orleans but saw fit to spare the immoral French Quarter.

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TGP said...

Earthquakes made SF even queerer than before because that's the way God wants it!

Seriously, any omnipotent deity that kills people with an earthquake for "bad behavior" before giving a clear warning (I'm talking about huge letters of fire in the sky that say, "Don't be gay! Love, Big Daddy), is a dick. Besides, what's the point of earthy punishment if there's a hell?

So not only are we supposing a hostile, angry, unfair, petty god, we're also assuming he's omnipotent, incompetent, and redundant.

Michael Caton said...

It's really the time delay that's the kicker. Why not do it, you know, when they make the deal with the devil? Or maybe just let a week go by? Hey, I think I'm going to punch a descendant of the Iroquois for executing the men at Forty Fort during the American Revolution. That's real fair.

It's nasty, but I smirk when Robertson et al make these kinds of comments, because it makes our rhetorical and PR job easier.