Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rebecca Goldstein Appearance and Homeopathy Drinking Event

Standing room only at Rebecca Goldstein's appearance to discuss 36 Arguments for the Existence of God, after which she was interviewed by Roger Bingham. Fantastic. To those of you struggling to "come out" in religious families: note that Goldstein was raised in an extremely religious family, sent to a religious boarding school, the whole nine yards, and here she is, a happy and successful professor of philosophy and celebrated author. (At one point her mother even told her to stop studying physics because she was making herself so smart that no man would want her.) [Added later: atheist women have officially left those kinds of warnings from grandma back in the 50s where they belong. Educated women are happier in their marriages and less likely to divorce, and the difference in marriage rates is miniscule. No wonder fundamentalists are so scared of women going to college.]

The event also was also cause for reflection on how much Roger Bingham has done and is doing for public understanding of the value of science and rational thought. I didn't want to miss a recruiting opportunity for UCSD Rational Thought so I asked the young people I walked in with if they were at UCSD and they said no, they were from La Jolla High School. High school students coming to these events on their own, excellent!

Afterwards, did we drink? Yes. But coffee - we ended up at our local coffee shop with another group, the San Diego New Atheists, who we ran into at the event. It was a good time. And the water in the coffee made up our homeopathy overdose. Mine was a potion of Oliver Cromwell's poo-poo (after 4.5 centuries of dilution it's all powerful!) And somehow today I'm fine.

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