Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Can a Public School Teacher Hang God Banners in His Classroom?

In Poway, California they can.

This is a fitting lead-in to a talk happening tomorrow night (Wednesday 3 March) on UCSD Campus. Award-winning civil rights attorney James McElroy will be speaking about his separation of church and state work at 5:30 pm at the Dolores Huerta-Philip Vera Cruz Room in the Old Student Center at UCSD. Best of all - it's free!


TGP said...

The real test here is to have a non-believing teacher in the same district put up some "good w/o god" or Flying Spaghetti Monster banners and see what happens. Maybe a nice cardboard cutout figure of Carl Sagan winking suggestively?

Michael Caton said...

Apparently the guy is making the argument that other teachers have pictures of Buddha and tchotsckes from some African animist religion, so he should be allowed to put up Christian stuff. That's a little more nuanced than we're accustomed to hearing with these things. The relevant question is whether the other teachers are actually Buddhists and animists; there's a difference between decoration and evangelism. Keeping a Bible or a copy of the God Delusion in the school library is fine. But if a teacher hung up a "THERE IS NO GOD" banner in the classroom and identified him or herself as an active atheist, that's BS too.

TGP said...

Of course it's BS. The idea of it is to demonstrate the ridiculousness of the decision to allow the promotion of religion in the public school classroom.

It's a test of the validity of the decision, not a suggestion of what the policy should be.