Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Flight 93 Memorial

This is basically what's at the Flight 93 crash site in Pennsylvania now:

That is to say, not much. But they're working on it. Since I took this cell-phone picture in my home state in September 2007, there's been an official National Park Service groundbreaking, and the first part of the monument should open by 11 September 2011.

So why is this on an atheist blog? The future memorial is described thusly: "The park will be nearly 3 1/2 square miles, with a chapel at its entrance featuring 40 chimes symbolizing each of the victims." Can "chapel" really be the right word for what they're planning? I can't imagine the planners are expecting to make this a religious memorial; I'm sure not everyone lost on that plane was religious, and certainly we millions of secular Americans want a monument that expresses our own sense of loss and gratitude as well.

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