Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How to Stay Safe in Amarillo

I was on Wikitravel today and it occurred to me to check the "Stay Safe" section in the article on Amarillo, Texas. Oddly, there's no such section - even though there's a would-be terrorist group there that has declared their intent to persecute non-Christians. If you haven't heard about these would-be terrorists and you think I'm exaggerating, check out their website (but not at work - they have bad action-movie music).

After all, in Egypt people worry about their safety due to the local violent yokels who don't like people from the wrong cult coming to their town, and this is rightly written in the Stay Safe section of Egypt's Wikitravel article for those of us who'd rather know about this kind of thing in advance. So why the inconsistency? (They haven't done anything, religious conservatives might object - okay, so are your boys do-nothing blowhards who don't mean what they say, or not? Pick one.)

For those of you Wikipedians, this is worth adding to Wikitravel, if only because the reasonable people of Amarillo may listen more closely when they realize they're going to lose travel dollars for fear of getting shot by terrorists. Fortunately the reasonable people of Amarillo already put together a website.


Philippe said...

They don't seem to condone violence of any kind. They seem like the average outspoken bigots that camp out on university lawns to remind people that we're all going to hell. Idiots with megaphones at best.

Michael Caton said...

Ask yourself whether a) the mainstream media would be as tolerant of an atheist group this militant, b) "" the general public.

TGP said...

Anybody do a cost-benefit analysis of walling off Amarillo, evacuating and compensating those who want to leave (there are other nice places in Texas to live), and letting the fundies keep it for themselves?

Anyone who wants to go live in a little theocracy can go to Amarillo, but they're not allowed to leave, you know, like a roach motel.

Shhh...just let me have my little dream for a few minutes before I have to get up.