Thursday, April 1, 2010

Heavy Metal Leads You Away from Islam!

And toward ZIONISM! In this Egyptian clip, a former head of an Egyptian government bureau holds forth passionately that heavy metal leads young people into the arms of Satan and Zionism. In fact, I think some kinds of art (including metal) very well may lead young people away from religion, but I've yet to see any Zionist brainwashing metal. Unless you count Meshuggah, but they're Yiddish only in name.

I love when Islamic nutbars start spewing the same nonsense that comes out of the religious right Christianists in the U.S. Why should Islamists be so concerned about heavy metal? For that matter why should Islamists be so concerned about Darwinism?


Grego said...

Meshugga Beach Party leads you away from Islam, too.

Outside influence X leads you away from architecture of control Y!

Michael Caton said...

You know, I clicked on that expecting it to be Meshuggah songs put to old Annette Funicello movie visuals or something like that. No doubt either would be good leading-away-from-Islam genres.