Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Ask Again: Where Are All the Biblical Science Advances

PZ Myers recently described Christian creationist Hugh Ross as believing that "the Christian bible specifically and accurately and exclusively (compared to all other religions) describes the explanations made by modern physics for the origins of the universe."

Of course we secular types that's silly, but of course, creationists disagree on this point. The problem is we can always quibble over the interpretation of Scripture when we're looking back at some scientific fact that we already know, but what everybody really cares about is finding NEW science. So here's a question for Hugh Ross and those who hold similar beliefs: if the Bible is the world's greatest science textbook, why is it always after-the-fact explanations? Why don't we see practical discoveries coming out of the creationist physics and medical institutions of the world?

Of course, a secularist like myself would suggest it's because in fact there's no science in the Bible, and indeed nothing to suggest that the Bible is anything but an edited committee volume by an assortment of bronze- and early iron-age shamans who knew about exactly the kinds of things you'd expect them to: shepheding and farming and all sorts of primitive superstitions.

So, creationists and Biblical literalists, here's your chance to shine! Here's your chance to prove us all wrong! Based on Scripture, can you point us to any discoveries about to occur, any rich fields of knowledge waiting to open to human minds trying to understand and improve the world? Is the Grand Unified Theory in there, and all us secular morons are missing it? A cure for cancer? Don't waste your time pointing out what we already know in there - please, someone enlighten us! We'd all benefit, and you'd convert plenty of us, but inexplicably, you're not doing this. Any reason why not? You could probably guess how a secularist would regard your silence to this question. But it's worth asking how you would react to a Muslim pulling the same tricks with the Qu'ran.


Ron said...

Yes it does show how cancer can be cured! In the Book of Revelation it foretells the total destruction of the earth and everything on it and a new Heaven descending down. That is when cancer will be cured. NOT until then.

Michael Caton said...

I see. How about vasomotor rhinitis?

TGP said...

Vasomotor rhinitis is going to suck for all of those many-headed beasts during the end times.

Not only are they going to breathe fire and eat people and run amok in the streets, they're also going to use up all the damn tissues, too.

And lo the rivers ran green with snot, issuing forth from the seventh head of the seventh beast inundating the cities until from the West the Busters of Ghosts from the second movie of the same name rode forth in the crown of the great copper idol of Liberty...

Michael Caton said...

The Book of Revelations makes more sense when interpreted in terms of immunology. We have finally discovered the key.