Monday, April 12, 2010

Javier Solana: Spanish Politican, Or Dark Unholy One?

Many nutbar groups (including that Hutaree terrorist group just broken up in Michigan) apparently believe that Spanish physicist and EU political big wig Javier Solana is the Antichrist. Why? Near as I can tell:

- You can get some vaguely ominous-sounding terms to line up with his name if you play crosswords with it in Hebrew.

- Europeans are socialists, therefore evil. Until December Solana was head of the EU, and therefore, the most European European (and therefore, the worst one).

Therefore, Antichrist. Duh!

He was also head of NATO at one point - NATO? You know, the good guy, anti-Soviet and -Russia alliance? Remember that, all you social conservatives? Or is NATO evil now too? Maybe it's also because he's a physicist; I'd always thought it was nice to have a scientist in such important positions.

My favorite is when the nutbars get mad at each other for not believing each other's stupid theories. At a site called Rapture Alert we see an End-Timer hilariously complaining, "Not only does [my colleague] find that he deals with a large volume of those holding that theory, he is immediately met with a volatile response if he chooses to disagree with their position. This is not always the case with me, but is more often than I'd prefer." What do you know! Who knew what would happen when you suspend all critical faculties?

If you've run across this blog post and believe the End Times are coming or that Solana is the Antichrist, as always, I'm open to making a bet. If you really believed any of this you'd welcome the chance.


TGP said...

At a certain point insanity flips over into parody. It's probably because of what the queers are doing to the soil.

Michael Caton said...

One positive: the nuttier they get, the louder they get. Politically speaking, it will be interesting seeing how these kinds of crazyquotes are used against the religious right in the 2012 election.

TGP said...

Politically speaking, the folks who are running for office distance themselves from the nutters publicly.

Of course, certain 'secret keywords' or gestures are used to reassure the nutters that the politician is still on their side.

See that cake they've got? They are also eating it.

Michael Caton said...

Don't you think that gets harder to do as time goes on what with Intarwebz and all? Hard to keep in-group words in-group for very long these days.