Friday, April 23, 2010

News Round-Up!

- An abuse-related lawsuit in Wisconsin against the Vatican. Is this the first in the U.S.? Officials are leaving the church in droves in Europe, and I bet some of them will sing like canaries.

- A Christian student group at UC Hastings school of law in San Francisco has been excluding gay students and is now defending itself in front of the Supreme Court. (What was the outcome? I couldn't get it from this article.) Hey gay Christian law students: are you really that interested in remaining loyal to an ideology that demands your death in writing, and whose followers continue to fight tooth-and-nail to exclude you? If you're having thoughts that maybe there are better ways to live, start here.

- A staff member at JPL is suing because he was demoted, he says, for distributing intelligent design paraphernalia at work. Of course I don't know the details, but it's not unreasonable for technical professionals to be demoted for constantly getting science wrong. I bet Flat Earthers would (and should) be demoted at JPL as well. No word on how the vaccine denialists at CDC are doing.

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