Thursday, May 20, 2010

My First Six Images of the Prophet Mohammed

First, the requisite stick-figure:

The prophet Mohammed.

Second, an attempt at a more life-like prophet Mohammed. He's the guy in the middle:

(The prophet Mohammed. Inserted from Zombietime), from a 1971 book that I can't find the authorship of. Zombietime lists works that have depicted Mohammed throughout the last century.

I also ran across this little known Warhol piece of the prophet Mohammed, Campbell's Soup be upon him:

The prophet Mohammed. Just like Warhol said, everyone has his fourteen centuries of fame! LOL

It turns out that Jackson Pollock got in on the act too. I didn't know that MS-Paint was around while he was doing his work. Below is Pollock's image of the prophet Mohammed, paint be upon him:
The prophet Mohammed.

And wouldn't you know it, Mark Rothko even made his own contribution! Who knew these mid-twentieth century American artists had such foresight! Below is Rothko's image of the prophet Mohammed:

The prophet Mohammed.

There was a Mondrian Mohammed waiting to be "discovered" on my hard drive, but that clock on my lower right screen says 5:04 am, so that's enough for right now.

And finally, somehow we have an actual photograph of the prophet:
The prophet Mohammed.

To Mohammed's credit, in actual photographs he seems quite handsome. Not to mention more distinguished. But he looks more British than I would have expected.


MouseWax said...

Long time reader, first time commenter.

I'm a San Diego resident as well. I didn't draw any NEW pictures of Muhammad, but I reprinted old strips I drew with him in them.


(I would have written to you instead of commented, but I couldn't find the link. I think I might be stupid.)

Michael Caton said...

Now enough with this self-deprecation. If you read this blog, you are clearly a person of great discernment. Everyone, check out that strip. Mousewax was drawing Mohammed before it was cool to draw Mohammed!

Anonymous said...

Even more so:

Anonymous said...

My favorite:

TGP said...

MouseWax is a much better artist than you, Mike. You'll have to show him up on Everybody Draw Unicron Day.

I'm bookmarking MouseWax. It looks like I've got some reading to do.

Michael Caton said...

Well, maybe my Warhol imitation needs some work. But it has promise. At least give me that.