Thursday, May 6, 2010

Reminder: May 11, RationalThought@UCSD

Tuesday May 11 6pm-8pm I'll be leading a discussion for RationalThought@UCSD (Price Center West, Red Shoe Room). The subject is atheism as a social movement. I'm hoping to stir the pot a little and question some assumptions. Some points to be discussed:

- what are the inherent strengths and weaknesses of atheism relative to argument from authority ideologies?

- is reason the best way to confront something that is really a social mode of "cognition"?

- what bad things are happening right now in San Diego as a result of religion?

- how can we devert more people faster? Or, is deversion even as important as getting people to understand the importance of church state separation?

- what do/should we do at atheist meetings?

Bring your ideas - we've had excellent questions and discussions at previous meetings and I'm really looking forward to it.

And don't forget, the next night Sean Faircloth from the Secular Coalition for America will be speaking at Rock Bottom Restaurant (immediately adjacent to UCSD campus, 8980 Villa La Jolla Drive) at 6pm in the Pinnacle Room.

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