Saturday, May 8, 2010

Toward a Theory of BoobQuakes.

Literally 1 minute after I posted that last article we had a little shaker here in SoCal:

It was a 5.0 centered well east of here. From this distance I probably wouldn't even have felt it if I wasn't in my quiet kitchen. It may not be on the map anymore when you click through. But needless to say I immediately ran outside to see if any of my attractive female college student neighbors were dressing or behaving in an immodest manner (in order to chide them soundly I assure you) but alas, there was no one.

Alternatively, perhaps all the pent-up BoobJoules from Ms. Creighton's event were just now released, and we must work toward a new theory of Mammary Energy Capacitance and Transduction. Of course I will invite the Ayatollahs who originated the theory to found an august institution investigating just this phenomenon. Since I'm all about sacrificing for science I volunteer to measure all the immodesty, by tightly controlled direct observations.

I should point out that I have posted about seismic activity in less dirty ways.

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