Thursday, May 13, 2010

Translate Your Principles Into Action

Yes, the theists are organized, but the trends are absolutely on our side. Yesterday we had a visit in San Diego from the Executive Director of the Secular Coalition for America, Sean Faircloth. Atheists like to talk about philosophy, but as Sean emphasized, the real problem we atheists face is a political one.

That is to say: so you've figured out the religion is just one particular brand of B.S. that people use to obtain power at the expense of others' freedoms and lives? Great! Do something - and I don't mean arguing in comments sections with creationists, I mean showing up in person to places and donating to secular political organizations when you can. Turn your principles into action and make a measurable difference. In the U.S. at the moment, your tax dollars are going to support religious institutions - and this is a problem that should motivate more than just atheists. Catholics: are you okay with Pentecostals getting your money as the recruit out of your churches? Mormons and Baptists: are you comfortable subsidizing each others' institutions with your tax dollars? How about Muslim daycare?

Do something to help. The Secular Coalition is the first secular organization in history to actually meet with the Whitehouse, an amazing first step. Visit their website to find out what you can do and sign up for their action alerts.

Image from the Secular Coalition website.

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